African-Americans in the 1887 Greensboro City Directory

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This is a complete list of African Americans in the Greensboro City Directory of 1887. Individuals whose names are italicized are good candidates for individuals appearing in the U.S. Census of 1880. Names in bold appeared as such in the directory and usually identify business owners or professionals. Please note that spellings may be inconsistent (e.g., "Linsey Dogged" in the City Directory is certainly "Lindsey Doggett" of the U.S. Census). As the 1890 U.S. Census was destroyed by fire in 1921, this directory (as well as others from this period) may be of particular relevance to researchers.   


S.G. = South Greensboro do = ditto r = rooms
av = avenue h = house rd = road
bds = boards lab = laborer tob = tobacco
bey = beyond nr = near wid = widow
cor = corner opp = opposite


Adams, Ernest, porter, h Davie
Albright, Johnson, lab, h Lindsay
Albright, Lewis, student, h Lindsay
Allen, Solomon, lab, h Davie nr R.R.
Allen, William, grocer, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Alston, David, lab
Alston, Shack, h r City Market
Anderson, Aaron, lineman, h Harperville
Ash, Charles, carpenter, h Forbes
Ash, George, carpenter, h Warnersville, S.G.


Bailey, H., fireman R. & D.R.R., h Davie nr R.R.
Bailey, Mrs. L.E., boarding by day or week, meals at all hours, Davie opp Railroad
Bain, Aleck, shoemaker, h Sycamore nr E. Market
Ballsley, William, office boy McAdoo House
Banks, Dennis, mason, h Lindsay
Banks, Wiley, waiter McAdoo House
Bars, Mitchell, tob-roller, h Gaston nr Forbes
Bell, Stephen, bartender
Bennett, Allen, butler, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Bennett Seminary, Rev. W.F. Steele principal, end of Factory, S.G.
Berry, Henry, lab, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Bethel, Jack, hostler, h Factory nr R.R., S.G.
Bevil, James, dish-washer McAdoo House
Black, Mrs. Jane, wid, boarding house, meals at all hours, r of City Market
Blackman, Charles, tob. stemmer, h Lindsay
Blunt, Alfred, tinsmith, h Harperville
Booker, Henry, plasterer, h College Hill
Bossney, Ben., express driver, r Express office
Brooks, Anderson, prizes, h Greene nr Clay
Brooks, George, porter Beard Bros., h Lee
Brooks, Julius, mason, h Forbes cor. Sycamore
Brooks, Sam., groceries and provisions, Gilmer, h do
Brown, Alexander, groceries, rear City Market, h Warnersville, S.G.
Brown, James, helper, h rear E. Market bey R.R.
Brown, Lawrence M., lab
Brown, Lounsbury M., freight handler, h S. Elm nr Bragg
Bullock, Rev. Moses J., pastor M.E. Church, h nr Bennett Seminary
Bullock, S.B., eating house, S. Elm, h Market
Bullock, Walter, student, bds Market
Burks, William, porter, h W. Market
Byeis, Mitchell, marble rubber, h Gaston nr Forbes


Caldwell, John, hostler, h Davie
Campbell, Jacob, blacksmith, horseshoeing a specialty, Davie, h Market square
Carson, Caswell, lab, h r G.F. College
Carter, Miles, lab, h Gaston nr Forbes
Cheek, Haywood, hostler, h Davie
Clark, Henry, head waiter, h E. Market nr Sycamore
Climer, Manuel, lab, h S. Elm bey Bragg, S.G.
Colbert, Albert, mason, h Percy
Cole, Reuben, lab
Cole, Robert, tob. roller, h Forbes
Conrad, Ed., lab, h Gaston cor Forbes
Cotton, Charles, well digger, h Mebane
Cunningham, James P., butler, h McAdoo av nr Gorrell, S.
Curry, Ernest, lab, h E. Market bey Gilmer


Davis, Cepheus L., school teacher, h Percy
Day, Wesley, barber, h Davie nr R.R.
Day, Wiley, washer, bds Mebane
Dean, James, brickmaker, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Dean, John, brickmaker, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Dick, Aaron, lab, h Mebane
Dick, Henry, lab, h Harperville
Dick, Joseph, waiter Benbow House
Dick, Rufus, foundry, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Dick, Wilson, farm hand, h end North nr R.R.
Dickey, Solomon, porter, h nr R.R.
Dillard, Abner, sawyer, h Sycamore
Dillard, Thomas, tob. roller, h Sycamore nr E. Market
Doak, Andy, lab, h McCulloch, S.G.
Doak & Gretter, T.G.D. Doak & E.J.A. Gretter, groceries and provisions, Warnersville,
Doak, Thomas G.D., (Doak & Gretter), h Warnersville, S.G.
Dogged, Linsey, lab, h Gilmer
Donald, Isaac, porter T.S. Shelton, h Davie
Donnell, David, bds S. Davie nr R.R.
Donnell, Isaac, porter, bds S. Davie nr R.R.
Donnell, John, shoe mender, h Greene nr Gaston
Donnell, John, shoemaker, h Gilmer
Donnell, Monroe, cook, h S. Davie nr R.R.
Donnell, Smith, drayman, h Lindsay cor Percy
Dunn, Miss Mary H., school teacher, h Warnersville, S.G.
Dunston, Charles H., barber with J.W. Emerson, h Raleigh


Easton, John, lab, h E. Market nr Gilmer
Edwell, Bob, lab, h Gaston nr Forbes
Edwell, Hezekiah, tob. roller, h Gaston nr Forbes
Edwell, James S., boot and shoemaker, S. Elm, h Mebane
Emerson, John W., barber, S. Elm, h Gaston


Fabry, Jack, lab, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Ferrell, Samuel, lab, h Davies nr R.R.
Finch, Sam, lab, h Greene nr Gaston
Finch, Tom, lab, h Greene nr GastonFouse, Joe, drayman, h Harperville
Foust, Calvin, cook, h E. Washington nr Davie
Foust, Joseph, porter J.W. Scott & Co.Foyer, Henry, brakeman, h S. Elm nr Bragg, S.G.
Freeman, John, painter, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Freize, Lewis, farmer, h Gilmer


Galloway, Frank, floor Benbow House
Galloway, Jack, porter Benbow House
Galloway, Lewis, butcher, h rear E. Market bey. R.R.
Galloway, T.R., (Mendenhall & Galloway), h below Baptist Church
Galloway, Werter, tob. roller, h rear E. Market bey. R.R.
Ganus, Jonah, student, h rear City Market
Garner, John, brakeman, bds S. Davie nr R.R.
Garran, Mack, carpenter, h E. Market nr Lyndon
Garrett, Albert, R.R. porter, h Percy
Garrett, Curtis, head cook McAdoo House
Garrett, William, helper, h Warnersville, S.G.
Garrett, Yancy, carpenter, h E. Market bey. Gilmer
Gibbs, Anthony, gardener, h Warnersville, S.G.
Gibson, Rev. Lewis B., pastor M.E. Church, h Warnersville rd S.G.
Giles, Rev. Francis F., P. Elder A.M.E. Church, bds Forbes nr E. Washington
Gillman, Calvin, lab, h Forbes nr Sycamore
Gilmer, Alexander, h E. Washington
Gilmer, William, waiter McAdoo House
Gladson, John, lab, h Mebane rd, S.G.
Glaspie, Newton, blacksmith, Warnersville rd nr Limits, S.G. h Mebane rd, S.G.
Golston, Samuel J., lab, h rear City Market
Gorrell, Nelson, lab, h Gilmer
Gorrell, William, grinder, h Percy
Graham, Henry H., (Payne & Graham), h Warnersville, S.G.
Graves, Anderson, tob. roller, h rear E. Market bey R.R.
Graves, James, brakeman, h Gilmer
Graves, Linwood, prizer, h Greene nr Gaston
Graves, Welton, drayman, h Jacksonville, S.G.
Gray, Andrew, brick mason, h S. Elm nr Bragg, S.G.
Gray, William, clerk, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Gretter, Edgar J.A., (Doak & Gretter), h Warnersville, S.G.
Gwyn, Andrew, coffee restaurant, meals at all hours, S. Elm opp depot, h Warnersville,


Hackney, John, lab, h Church
Hairston, Allen, grocery, Warnersville, S.G., h do
Hargrave, Alfred, lab, h Lindsay
Hargrave, Robert, stove polisher, h Church nr Lindsay
Hawkins, Henry, lab, h Gaston nr N. Elm
Hawkins, John M., barber, S. Elm, h Gas House
Haywood, Thomas, porter McAdoo House
Headen, John B., marble cutter, h E. Market nr Gilmer
Headen, William M., lab, h E. Market nr Gilmer
Henderson, John H., prop railroad restaurant, S. Elm opp. Depot, h do
Henderson, Pleasant, farmer, h Percy
Henderson, Randolph, mason, h Percy
Hicks, Charles H., barber and hairdresser, S. Elm rear P.O. h Forbes
Hill, Edmund, lab, h College Hill
Hill, Harvey, lab, h Gilmer
Hogan, Harris, printer Alderman’s Gallery
Holland, James, porter W.T. Chichester
Holland, Phillip P., (P.P. Holland & Co.), h E. Market
Holland, P.P. & Co., groceries, fruits, vegetables and notions, 3 Market Square
Holmes, Charles A., lab
Hopkins, Joseph, waiter McAdoo House
Hopper, Jerry, porter Singer Manf. Office, bds on E. Market
Hopper, John, servant Planter’s Hotel
Horton, Henry, lab, h Sycamore nr Forbes
Howell, Drury, boarding house, S. Elm, h do
Humphres, Frank, drayman, h Gaston nr Forbes
Hyatt, Julius, butler, h W. Market cor Ash
Hyatt, William, mason, h Edgeworth nr Greene


Jarrett, Henry, cook Benbow House
Jeffreys, William, tob. caser, h Lindsay
Jennings, Robert, prizer, h r E. Market bey R.R.
Johnson, David, blacksmith, h Gilmer nr E. Market
Johnson, J.D., barber, S. Elm, S.G.
Johnson, Lee, lab, h Percy nr Lindsay
Johnson, Robert L., clerk, h Percy
Johnson, Squire, waiter Benbow House
Johnson, Thomas, lab, h Mebane
Johnson, William, 2d cook McAdoo House
Jones, Anthony, stripper, h Jonesboro
Jones, Dallas, shoemaker, h Forbes nr E. Washington
Jones, Geo. H., mason, bds S. Elm
Jones, Jacob, groceries, meat, poultry and vegetables, Davie and Market Square, h
Jones, John, dog trainer, h Warnersville, S.G.
Jones, Joseph, restaurant, Market Square, h Warnersville, S.G.
Jones, William, clerk, h bey Lindsay nr R.R.
Jones, William J., butcher, h Church
Jones, Ruffin, floor Benbow House
Jones, Seven, shoemaker, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Jordan, Charles, lab, h Percy nr Lindsay
Jordan, Isaac, grinder, h Percy
Jordan, Thomas, lab, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Joyce, Edward E., shoemaker, E. Elm, h Warnersville, S.G.


Kelly, John A., meats, fish, vegetables and poultry, stall 6, Market House, h Gaston
Kent Home, Mrs. S.D. Snow, matron, nr Bennett Seminary, S.G.
Kerr, John W., clerk, h Warnersville, S.G.
Kimbal, Dennis, clerk, h Forbes nr E. Washington
Kirkpatrick, Linsey, lab, h McCulloch, S.G.


Lane, Henry, hostler, h Davie
Lane, Thomas, night watchman McAdoo House
Lindsay, Henry, porter McAdoo House
Lindsay, John, butcher, h end North nr R.R.
Lindsay, Jerry, lab, h Lindsay
Lindsey, John, butler, h Church cor Davie
Lindsey, Green, baker, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Lipscombe, Mrs. Anna E., groceries and provisions, Percy nr Lindsay, h do
Long, Charles P., barber with J.W. Emerson, h E. Market
Lovett, John, helper R. Gullett


Martin, Turner, cook, h Harperville
Mebane, John, tinsmith
Mendenhall, Aaron, (Mendenhall & Galloway), h Factory, S.G.
Mendenhall & Galloway, (A. Mendenhall, T.R. Galloway), groceries, cor Davie &
Mendenhall, Lewis, carpenter, h Mebane rd, S.G.
Merritt, Henry, brakeman, h E. Market nr Gilmer
Milton, Robert S., student, h Gilmer
Martin, Sim, carpenter, h Gilmer
Mines, William, mason, h E. Market bey Gilmer
Mitchell, Andy, lab, h Forbes nr Sycamore
Mitchell, Lum, h Warnersville, S.G.
Moody, John, grinder, h Warnersville, S.G.
Moore, Henry, lab, h Gilmer nr E. Market
Moore, James, lab, h Jacksonville, S.G.
Moore, Poke, farmer, h S. Davie nr R.R.
Moore, John, blacksmith, Warnersville, S.G., h do
Morehead, Gaston, painter, h r E. Market bey R.R.
Morehead, Harry, carpenter, h Mebane rd, S.G.
Morehead, James, shoemaker, h Gilmer
Morehead, Rev. Pinkney, pastor M.E. Church, h Lindsay
Morehead, Quinney, blacksmith, h Lindsay
Morehead, Robert, lab, h r G.F. College
Morehead, Tinney, porter, h Warnersville, S.G.
Morehead, William, carpenter, h Davie, nr R.R.
Morris, Samuel, lab, h Forbes opp Mebane
Murphy, Lofton, lab, h Percy
Murphy, William L., lab
Myers, Coley, tob. roller, h Sycamore n E. Market


McAdoo, George W.

, prin. Warnersville School, h Warnersville, S.G.
McAdoo, James, lab, h Asheboro cor Douglas, S.G.
McAdoo, John W., blacksmith, Sycamore, h Warnersville, S.G.
McAdoo, Samuel, foundry, h Greene nr Gaston
McConnell, Andy, cook, Benbow House
McGirt, D.M., boot black, h Warnersville, S.G.
McKeeson, Samuel, drayman, h Forbes cor Sycamore
McKenzie, Rufus M., prin. Colored Graded School, h Lindsay nr R.R.
McLean, Fletcher, theological student, h Forbes opp Mebane
McLean, Julius, helper, h Percy
McLean, Mrs. Sylvira, wid, h Forbes opp Mebane
McNeil, Daniel, engineer, h Factory nr Gorrell, S.G.


Nocho, Jacob R., U.S. Mail, h E. Market nr Lyndon
Norman Theological Institute, C.L. Davis, prin., nr Bennett Seminary
Norwood, William, waiter Benbow House


Palmer, Simon, lab, h Percy
Parker, Joseph, pressman North State
Patterson, John, mason, h Lindsay
Pattillo, William H., porter Pullman car, h Percy
Payne & Graham, (R.B. Payne and H.H. Graham), barbers, S. Elm, McAdoo block
Payne, Jule, porter, h Purcell
Payne, Robert B., (Payne& Graham), h Warnersville
Phelps, Elijah, carpenter, h Mebane, rd, S.G.
Phillips, Charles, waiter McAdoo House
Preyer, Ellis, freight handler, h nr R.R.


Rankins, Thomas, farmer, h Gilmer
Ray, Frank, tob. roller, h Lindsay
Reed, Henry, lab, h Sycamore nr E. Market
Rhoads, Lewis, drayman, h Gaston cor Forbes
Rice, Ben, lab, h Harperville
Ridley, Ottoway, gardener, h E. Market nr Gilmer
Robertson, Willis, lab, h E. Market bey. Gilmer


Sampson, Rev. Cornelius

, pastor A.M.E. Church, h r Church, Gilmer
Scales, William, clerk, h. E. Market nr Sycamore
Scott, Jack, shoemaker, h Harperville
Scott, John W., gas maker, h E. Market bey limits
Scott, Miss Julia, school teacher, h Warnersville, S.G.
Selles, John, h bey Lindsay nr R.R.
Shaw, Isham, night watch, h Gilmer
Short, Miss Emma, nurse, h Percy
Short, Napoleon, lab, h Percy
Simmons, Jacob, clerk, h Sycamore nr Davie
Simpson, Samuel, porter N.W. McAdoo, h rear do
Singleton, Jeff, painter, h Lindsay
Slade, Alfred M., lab
Sloan, William, barber, r City Market, h E. Market
Sloan, Wilson, fireman, h Warnersville, S.G.
Smith, George, lab, h Sycamore nr E. Market
Smith, John, hostler, h Davie
Smith, Richard F., butler, h W. Market bey Cedar
Smith, Samuel, barber and hairdresser, Sycamore nr Davie, h do
Smith, William, lab, h Sycamore nr E. Market
Stanfield, Solomon, h Gilmer
Steel, Lee, helper, bds Market square
Streyhorn, Ben, prizer, h Forbes cor Sycamore
Swaim, Henry, lab, h E. Washington
Swift, Calvin, drayman, Houston Bros. h Warnersville


Taylor, George, waiter, h Sycamore nr S. Elm
Thacker, Caswell, carpenter, h Lindsay
Thom, Moses A., lab
Thomas, Albert, lab, h Forbes nr Gas House
Thomas, Robert, painter, h Edgeworth nr Greene
Thompson, Hilliard A., lab
Thompson, Joe, lab, h r R.R.
Tucker, Henry, drayman, h Jacksonville, S.G.
Tucker, Henry M., porter, J.W. Scott & Co.
Tussie, Joseph, lab, h Mebane rd, S.G.


Unthank, Harmon, carpenter, h Warnersville, S.G.
Unthank, Jasper, groceries and provisions, h Warnersville, S.G.


Vanstory, Robert, h Mebane
Von Gol, Calvin, blacksmith, Greene, h Gilmer


Walker, John, waiter, h N. Elm
Walker, Lizzie, h Davie
Walker, Stephen, brakeman, h Percy
Ware, Tom, lab, h E. Washington
Watson, Henry, mason, h r R.R.
Watson, John, lab, h r City Market
Wells, Hayward W., barber Benbow House, h Forbes
Wharton, Andrew F., lab, h Gilmer
Wharton, Frank, lab, h Percy
Wharton, Gaston, blacksmith, h E. Market nr Sycamore
Wharton, John F., lab, R. & D.R.R.
Whites, Abram, mason, h Percy
Whites, Ephraim, mason, h Gilmer
Whites, Henry, mason, h Gilmer
Whites, John, school teacher, h Lindsay
Whites, Moses, h rear E. Market bey. R.R.
Whitfield, Henry, porter Houston Bros., h Warnersville
Wiley, Samuel, barber and hair dresser, S. Elm, bds Warnersville
Williams, Jacob, lab, h Edgeworth nr Greene
Williams, James N., groceries and provisions, Warnersville, S.G., h do
Williams, John, lab, h Warnersville, S.G.
Williams, Rev. Willie, P.E. of Zion M.E. Church, h Gilmer
Williams, Zachariah, helper R. & D. R. R. h Warnersville, S.G.
Wilson, Burrough, gardener, h Gaston nr N. Elm
Wilson, William, lab, h Gilmer
Woods, Henry, driver, h E. Washington
Woods, James, carpenter, h Jacksonville, S.G.
Wright, Jesse, baggage agt R. & D. R. R., h Forbes nr Sycamore
Wright, Louis, waiter, Benbow House
Wright, Nathaniel, lab, h rear City Market


Yancey, Dennis B.

, groceries, fresh meat, poultry, and Vegetables, stall No. 3 Market
    House, 2d store opp Star Ware-house, bds Warnersville. (See adv)
Yates, William, tinner, h Lindsay nr Percy
Young, Joseph, lab, h Greene nr Gaston