North Carolina

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These links were selected with the fourth grade "North Carolina Notebook" Project in mind.

North Carolina Encyclopedia
This special online encyclopedia meets many of your information needs about our state.

Bibliography for Students

Greensboro Bicentennial

More websites on North Carolina topics:


Horses on Shackleford Banks

Learn about the wild horses that live on an island off the NC coast.

Snakes of North Carolina
Identify that snake using the color photographs and descriptions on this website.

Famous People

Famous North Carolinians
Kids, public figures, writers, journalists, entertainers, and athletes - brief information on about 40 people, with links to more information for most of them.

Founding Fathers
Long biographical sketches with pictures of five North Carolina delegates to the Constitutional Convention: William Blount, William Richardson Davie, Alexander Martin, Richard Dobbs Spaight Sr., and Hugh Williamson.

Greensboro Sit-ins: Activists 
Who were the local students who helped start the civil rights movement in America? Check out this site to find their fascinating biographies.

Notable North Carolinians
These are biographical sketches of athletes, presidents, and others.

Famous Places

North Carolina Geography
Learn about each of North Carolina’s three regions: Coastal Plain, Appalachian Mountains, and the Piedmont Plateau. There’s also some general information about the state’s population and area.

North Carolina Postcards
You can search this collection of postcards by county or by subject.


Read about his adventures and the discovery of his ship off Beaufort Inlet.

Black Beard Lives 
This News & Record website has a wonderful collection of newspaper articles about this famous pirate.

The Civil War Along the Coast: NC ~ SC ~ GA
Here you can find out about Civil War battles fought on the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Pick a location to find a summary of the campaign that was fought there.

Civil War Battle Summaries by State
Look under the heading for North Carolina and you’ll find individual places mentioned, with short information about the Civil War battle that happened in each.

Greensboro Sit-ins 
Greensboro is the location for one of the pivotal events that helped start the civil rights movement in America. Check out this site to find out all about it. Sponsored by the News & Record and the Greensboro Public Library.

Historical Highlights of North Carolina 
Concise history of North Carolina, direct from the North Carolina Encyclopedia.

The Lost Colony
Here’s the fascinating story of the disappearance of 120 English settlers in 1590, ending this colony on North Carolina’s Roanoke Island.

North Carolina Civil War Battles
There’s a map showing where these battles took place, as well as brief information about each battle.

North Carolina Historical Time Lines
These time lines cover general history from early days until the year 2000. There are also time lines for American Indian history and North Carolina women's history.

NC History
Time lines from ancient times to the 1990s Hurricane Floyd, with some links for details.

Native Americans

Cherokee History and Culture
Interesting people and events in the tribe's history.

Cherokee Indian History
A good summary.

Lumbee Indians
This site answers the question, “Who are the Lumbee?” and gives information about their history and culture, including a time line and a picture of their logo.

North Carolina American Indian History Time Line
This time line starts with the coming of Indians to North America and ends at the end of the twentieth century.

North Carolina Indians 
Information about the lifestyles of our state's Indians.

Folktales, Legends and Myths

Cherokee Legends

Famous Legends and Ghost Stories
Read these stories from North Carolina Legends by Richard Walser.

Haunted North Carolina
North Carolina ghost stories.

North Carolina Ghost Stories
Small, but fun, collection of ghost legends from our state.

North Carolina Traditional Weather Lore 
Interesting North Carolina weather lore.

Lots of tales from the coast!

Politics and Government

How an Idea Becomes a North Carolina Law

The Three Branches of NC Government, along with lists of our Senators and Representatives

North Carolina Symbols

The State Symbols
Good information including the newest symbols.

North Carolina State Symbols
This site also includes pictures and has been updated with the new symbols: the state fruit (scuppernong grape) and state berries (blueberry and strawberry).

Symbols -- and More
Here are the North Carolina symbols: the Great Seal (with picture), song and toast, and more. There’s even a state tartan, with Carolina blue as one of its colors.