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Historical Museum Exhibition Opening

Warnersville: Our Neighborhood, Our Community, Our Stories

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Join us for the grand opening of Warnersville: Our Home, Our Neighborhood, Our Stories, an exhibition on the first planned African American community in Greensboro, one with a rich and unique history. The narrative begins in the late 1860s and continues to the present

Discover the stories, as told through the words of the people of Warnersville, of a neighborhood's founding, raising families and running businesses, and the important roles of church and school. Photos, portraits, maps, never-before-seen artifacts, and interactive features bring generations of an important community to the forefront.

This project began with independent researcher Lisa Scheer and continued as museum staff has worked in partnership with the Warnersville Historical and Beautification Society, David D. Jones Elementary School, Warnersville Recreation Center, neighborhood churches, and community members.

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