Giving Back Resources

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Giving Back Resources   

Wildlife Garden 
Tru Green 

Wildlife Gardening by Martyn Cox. This book is a budding biologist’s guide to creating a backyard full of plant and animal life. Wildlife Gardening gives easy how-to-steps for planting gardens, building wildlife habitats and observing wildlife. 

Gaia Warriors by Nicola Davies. This book, written for all ages, focuses on the issue of global climate change. It not only lays out the facts behind climate change, but also discusses the opinions and potential solutions proposed by many professionals. 

True Green Kids by Kim McKay and Jenny Boonin. This book offers sustainable strategies that can implemented by kids and their families throughout the home and everywhere else as well. It's a fun and colorful book that puts a kid-friendly spin on conservation and stewardship.

Additional Resources

Eco-Neighbor’s Guide to a Green Community by J. Angelique Johnson. Are you part of an eco-community? From lawnmowers to library books, learn green tips to get your community on the eco-friendly track.

Kids’ Easy-to-Create Wildlife Habitats by Emily Stetson. Even small efforts to attract and protect wildlife can make a difference to many kinds of critters. Habitat loss affects all animals not just rare, endangered species. You do not need a big yard or any yard at all to make a welcoming place for wildlife.

Wildlife at Your Back Door by Sharon Amos. This beautifully illustrated book will guide you through the basic steps toward having a garden that encourages wildlife and creates an ecological balance with nature. The book features more than 200 photos, garden design templates, advice on choosing plants, the best time to water and fertilize, plus hundreds of in-depth descriptions of plants, critters, and planting techniques.
Wildlife-Friendly Plants by Rosemary Creeser. This book will make your garden a haven for beneficial insects, amphibians, and birds. 
Eco-Women by Willow Ann Sirch.
Eight biographies on people such as Rachel Carson and Jane Goodall and the story of the Chipko Movement will inspire young readers to decide how they, too, can make a difference. 

Heroes of the Environment by Harriet Rohmer. This book tells the stories of 12 people across North America who are helping to protect the environment.
Our Earth by Janet Wilson. Ten children are profiled in this book, including Canadian Ryan Hreljac, who founded an organization that builds wells in Africa, and Sam Levin from the United States, who is helping connect kids with their food through an organic school vegetable garden.

The Eco-Student’s Guide to Being Green at School by J. Angelique Johnson. Are you an eco-student? From backpacks to textbooks, learn green tips to get your friends and teachers on the eco-friendly track.