Green Home and Work Resources

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Green Homes 

No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. Author Colin Beavan decides to spend one year attempting to help save the earth by embarking on a crusade to make as little impact on the environment as possible. He and his family spend the year doing without 'necessities' such as electricity, TV, newspapers, etc.

Human Footprint by Ellen Kirk. This book explains to kids ways they can lessen their environmental footprint. It also portrays the human ecological impact on nature by showing the extent of the many ways we consume 'things.' Human Footprint does not preach or judge, but simply shows kids in a visual way how humans interact with the environment and how to lessen our impact.

Green Year 365 by Jodi Helmer. This book takes 365 small steps – one every day – in the journey of decreasing energy consumption, waste, and carbon footprints. It shows how small steps can lead to big differences and a change for the better in our daily habits. Green Year 365 is more than a calendar; it offers simple, practical, affordable, and engaging ways to go green.

Green Work Resources

Green Your Work by Kim Carlson. The environmentalist author explains to businesses why they should 'green' their plants and offices, ways in which they can transform to green, how they can assess their green footprint, and how they can turn green into profit.

True Green at Work by Kim McKay. This book focuses on the economics of the environment, conservation of resources, and how to be environmentally responsible by offering 100 different conservation strategies. 

Greening your Office by Jon Clift. A short and easy to read guide of how to be more sustainable at your work. This book provides tips on how to be more energy efficient, stock your office with sustainable supplies, and also on sustainable commuting practices.