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Microfilm holdings at the Greensboro Public Library for Guilford County.

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C.046.10001 Apprentice Bonds 1871-1919
C.046.30001-30006 Minutes, County Court 1781-1868
C.046.30007 Minutes, Court of Equity 1826-1867
C.046.30008 Minutes, Superior Court 1850-1868
C.046.30011-30014 Minutes, Superior Court 1876-1899
C.046.30109 Road Docket 1824-1827
C.046.40001-40046 Record of Deed 1771-1922
C.046.48001 Land Entries 1779-1795
C.046.48002 Land Division Records 1873-1930
C.046.48201 Maps/Plots 1895-1922
C.046.48351-48353 Index to Real Estate Conveyances—Grantors 1771-1921
C.046.48701-48703 Index to Real Estate Conveyances—Grantees 1771-1921
C.046.50001 Estates, Record of 1886-1922
C.046.50004 Settlements & Inventories, Record of 1822-1823
C.046.50005 Inventories to Estates 1820-1835
C.046.50006-50011 Inventories, List of Sales 1830-1879
C.046.50012-50013 Accounts, Record of 1879-1900
C.046.50039 Accounts & Settlements, Record of 1857-1898
C.046.50067/50069 Administrators, Executors & Guardians, Record of 1869-1897
C.046.50076 Bonds, Administrators 1871-1899
C.046.50077 Index to Administrators Bonds 1871-1899
C.046.50101 Executors and/or Guardians 1844-1887
C.046.50108 Guardians Docket 1821-1868
C.046.50109 Guardians, Accounts 1864-1866
C.046.50111 Bonds, Guardians 1871-1899
C.046.50127 Widows Years Support, Record of 1886-1947
C.046.50129 Dowers, Record of 1887-1891
C.046.50135-50136 Settlements, Record of 1820-1888
C.046.50152 Index to Estates 1818-1930
C.046.60001-60007 Marriage Bonds 1771-1868
C.046.60072 Record of Marriages, Record of Cohabitations (1866/67) 1853-1867
C.046.62001-62050 Marriage Licenses—White 1871-1961
C.046.62051-62065 Marriage Licenses—Colored 1871-1961
C.046.63001 Record of Marriages, Record of Cohabitations (1866/67) 1853-1867
C.046.63002-63005 Marriage Register—White 1867-1970
C.046.63006 Marriage Register—Black 1868-1970
C.046.66001-66010 Index to Vital Statistics—Births 1913-1981
C.046.67001-67005 Index to Vital Statistics—Deaths 1913-1980
C.046.68001 Index to Vital Statistics—Delayed Births various
C.046.80001-80004 Wills, Record of 1771-1927
C.046.81002 Index to Wills- Devisors 1771-1968
C.046.82001 Index to Wills- Devisees 1771-1968
C.046.90001 Court-Martial Proceedings 1806-1852
C.046.90016 Orders & Decrees 1869-1901
C.046.90066 Road Docket 1824-1869
C.046.90067 Road Overseers 1832-1937
C.046.90068 Minutes, Wardens of the Poor 1838-1868
C.046.92001-92003 Corporations, Record of 1885-1925
C.046.92801 Index to Corporations 1885-1981
C.046.93001-93009 Minutes, Board of County Commissioners 1868-1946
C.046.94001-94005 Minutes, Board of Education 1872-1972
C.046.99001 Elections, Record of 1880-1960
not-numbered Loose Estates Papers 1771-1942