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Bibliography for Teachers and Students

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The North Carolina Collection at the Central Library, 219 N. Church St., offers numerous books and other resources about the state for teachers and students. Most of them are also available at other library branches. Below are just a few selections from the collection. Click on the title for locations and call numbers.

Arnett, Ethel Stephens. Greensboro, North Carolina, the County Seat of Guilford.

History of Greensboro, published in 1955; includes a timeline

Arnett, Ethel Stephens.The Saura and Keyauwee in the Land That Became Guilford, Randolph and Rockingham

Lifestyles of Indians who lived in or near Guilford County

Barrett, John Gilchrist. The Civil War in North Carolina.

The story of the battles and skirmishes fought on North Carolina soil during the Civil War

Broadfoot, Jan. Twentieth Century Tar Heels.

Biographical sketches of North Carolinians, arranged by field (performing arts, sports, etc.) with an index to all entries—published 2004 (library use only)

Contemporary North Carolina Authors, compiled by Jan Broadfoot and Joyce Barrow.

A great source about writers native to or living in our state, including biographical interviews, awards, contact information, and lists of their writings (library use only)

Crane, Carol. T Is for Tar Heel.

Useful for students working on the North Carolina notebook; for each letter of the alphabet, there’s a name or word related to North Carolina, accompanied by a picture.

Crow, Jeffrey J., et. al. A History of African Americans in North Carolina. rev. ed., 2002.

Events and achievements from the days of slavery until 2001

Encyclopedia of North Carolina.

Two-volume set with basic facts about the state, a chronology of historical events, and brief biographies of our governors up to Jim Martin—published 1999.

Fradin, Dennis B. The North Carolina Colony.

A short illustrated history of the colonial period in our state, including a timeline and good biographical sketches of important people of the period

Fripp, Gayle. Greensboro, a Chosen Center. 2001 edition.

Up-to-date illustrated history of Greensboro; includes a timeline

Jones, H. G. North Carolina Illustrated, 1524-1984.

Many black-and-white pictures illustrating the state’s history—easily found through the index

North Carolina Biographical Dictionary.

A two-volume set providing short biographies of North Carolinians

North Carolina Manual.

State symbols, flag, seal, and constitution

The Old North State Fact Book

State symbols, motto, constitution, flag, seal, colors, song, capitol building, and brief information about North Carolina history

Parramore, Thomas C. Carolina Quest

N.C. history, with illustrations, from the Lost Colony in the 1580’s to 1976

Parramore, Thomas C., and Douglas C. Wilms. North Carolina: The History of an American State

Well-illustrated, easy-to-read history from early times to 1980

Perdue, Theda. The Cherokee

A readable, well-illustrated history of the tribe, from earliest times into the 1980’s

Powell, William Stevens. The North Carolina Gazetteer

A-Z listing of towns, counties, rivers, and other North Carolina places, including many little-known ones, with a brief description of each; published 1968

Powell, William Stevens. Encyclopedia of North Carolina

Edited by an expert on North Carolina history.

Rafle, Sarah. North Carolina: The Tar Heel State

A colorful, up-to-date (2002) book about all aspects of the state, from history and government to economy and lifestyle; includes a timeline

Rankin, Hugh F. The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina

Covers piracy in North Carolina waters, with special chapters devoted to Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard

Sateren, Shelley Swanson.North Carolina Facts and Symbols

A short book answering many questions about our state; published in 2000 but does not include 2000 census figures

Schulz, Andrea. North Carolina

A storehouse of basic facts about North Carolina, including historic highlights, population and economic facts, the environment, maps, and photographs; published in 2002, with population figures from the 2000 census

Tetterton, Beverly, and Glenn Tetterton. North Carolina County Fact Book

A two-volume set (published in 1998) describing every county in North Carolina, including its location, origins, physical features, industries, agricultural products, parks, landmarks, notable people, and much more; does not include population figures from the 2000 census

The Way We Lived in North Carolina (5-volume series):

Fenn, Elizabeth A. Natives and Newcomers…before 1770
Watson, Harry L. An Independent People…1770-1820
Clayton, Thomas H.Close to the Land…1820-1870
Nathans, Sydney. The Quest for Progress…1870-1920
Parramore, Thomas C. Express Lanes and Country Roads…1920-1970

State history with the emphasis on lifestyles, illustrated in black and white

Wetmore, Ruth Y. First on the Land: the North Carolina Indians

A readable discussion of many of the state’s Indian tribes, including their daily lives and customs; covers modern times to the 1970’s

Wolff, Miles. Lunch at the 5 & 10

The story of the Woolworth sit-ins of 1960, which led to the integration of lunch counters and other facilities throughout the nation

Zepke, Terrance. Lighthouses of the Carolinas

The stories of the lighthouses of North Carolina and South Carolina; published 1998

Zepke, Terrance. Pirates of the Carolinas

The stories of Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and other practitioners of this dastardly trade