Buildings in Guilford County

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Theses resources show information on residences and local buildings throughout Guilford County.

If the building is in Greensboro, try:

Brown, Marvin A., Greensboro, an Architectural Record: This book, arranged by neighborhood, includes a picture and description of each building and is indexed. Chapters start with information about neighborhoods.

Greensboro. Vol. II: NeighborhoodsFripp, Gayle Hicks, Greensboro. Vol. II: Neighborhoods: Here are pictures, with long captions, of homes and churches from older neighborhoods. The book is arranged by time periods.

An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Greensboro, NC: This 1976 publication is geographically arranged, with its index on pages  23-25. A map in the back shows the locations of buildings in the book.

If the building was outside the city limits at the time it was written, look at:

Graybeal, Kate, Historic Architecture Inventory, Guilford County, North Carolina: This book is so large that it has to be kept on top of the low shelves in the NC section; it's too big to fit on the shelves. It includes a color picture of each building, with brief information. There is an index and the arrangement is geographical.

Smith, H. McKelden, Architectural Resources: An Inventory of Historic Architecture: Published in 1979, this book is indexed and includes maps.

For art showing homes of some prominent residents in Greensboro’s past, see:

Art Work of Greensboro, NC.: This nine-volume set was published in 1904.

Art Work of Piedmont Section of North Carolina: Published in 1924, this set includes some Greensboro homes.