Directories for Greensboro, Guilford County and High Point

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A man from Scotland wrote to the library asking if there was a way to find a listing in our City directories for an ancestor who lived in Greensboro in the 1920s. He expected that the names would be in random order and would take hours to research, but one quick look found the information he needed. You also can find all sorts of interesting information about the City’s past by using these directories. 

Greensboro City Directories are wonderful books for historical or genealogical research. You can look under a person’s name and get his address, telephone number, spouse’s name, and job, or you can search under the name of a business for an address, phone number, and head of the business. By searching under a street address, you can find out who lived there or what business was in that location. You can also search by telephone number to find who owned that number.

These city directories are now online.

The Central Library has the City directories for Greensboro dating as far back as 1879-80. Older editions are available on microfilm; more recent ones and better-preserved older editions are available in book form.

The books are in the North Carolina Collection (317.56C G81). There are several records in the catalog, each covering different years. 1879-80; 1903/04-1983; 1983 to the present.

Greensboro Suburban Directories are arranged like the Greensboro City directories and cover the area outside City limits. We have these from 1966 to the present, and they are shelved in NC 317.56 G81S. There are several records, each covering different years, in the catalog: 1986-1991; 1992-1993; 1994 to the present.

High Point City Directories have the same format as the Greensboro directories and are in NC 317.56c H68. Our collection begins with the 1953 edition. There are several records, each covering different years, in the catalog: 1953-1974; 1975-1983; 1986-1991; 1992-1996; 1996 to the present.

Cross-Reference Directory of Greater Greensborodoes not have a list under names of individuals or businesses, but you can search under street address or telephone number. It covers Guilford County, including Greensboro, and is arranged according to the various communities. Our collection begins with the 1959 edition and is shelved in NC 317.56 G81.