Dolley Madison

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Dolley Madison Do you know about Dolley Madison’s connection with Guilford County?

Dolley, who was one of our nation’s most beloved first ladies, was born to a Quaker family in the New Garden area, now part of Greensboro. Although her family moved away from the state during her early childhood, we still claim her proudly. She is known as an accomplished hostess and also the woman who maintained the presence of mind to save a renowned portrait of George Washington when the British burned Washington, DC during the War of 1812.

If you would like to increase your knowledge of this lovely lady, try one of the following books (circulating copies are available):

Arnett, Ethel Stephens. Mrs. James Madison: the Incomparable Dolley. Greensboro: Piedmont Press, 1972. (NC B M182A)
Since Arnett is a Greensboro historian, she gives more emphasis to Dolley’s Greensboro beginnings than most biographies. The book is illustrated with black-and-white photographs.

Hunt-Jones, Conover. Dolley and the "Great Little Madison." Washington, DC: American Institute of Architects Foundations, 1977. (NC 975.302 H94)
This book is well-illustrated; if you don’t have time to read the text, you can enjoy the pictures of Dolley, her belongings, and the people and places in her life.

Gerson, Noel Bertram. The Velvet Glove. Nashville: T. Nelson, 1975. (NC B M182G)
Gerson puts his talents as a novelist to work in writing this lively biography.