Historical Pictures of Greensboro

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If you enjoy looking at pictures of Greensboro, past and present, try the following books:

Art Work of Greensboro, NC.
This collection of photographs shows the Greensboro of an earlier era.

Brown, Marvin A. Greensboro, an Architectural Record.
This is a wonderful collection of photographs of historical buildings in Greensboro, including private homes, churches, businesses, and government buildings. A brief description of each gives architectural and historical information. They are arranged by neighborhoods, and each section gives general information about that part of town.

Catlett, J. Stephen. Martin’s and Miller’s Greensboro.
This collection of photographs, each with at least a sentence describing it, comes from a well-known local studio. The photos were taken in the late 1930s to the 1970s. A section called “Now and Then” allows us to compare local scenes with the way they looked in the past.

Fripp, Gayle Hicks. Greensboro.
Here is a picture history, with a brief description accompanying each picture. Fripp is the former assistant director of the Greensboro Historical Museum, and most of the pictures are drawn from their archives. You’ll enjoy these pictures from the Greensboro of long ago (and also from not so long ago)!

Fripp, Gayle Hicks. Greensboro. Vol. II: Neighborhoods.
This volume includes photographs of churches and private homes from the city’s older neighborhoods, each accompanied by brief descriptive text.

Hairston, Otis L., Jr. Greensboro North Carolina.
Hairston is a photographer who has documented life in Greensboro for almost forty years. He adds other historic photographs to this collection of images, each with an informative caption. His chapters cover personalities, education, churches, business, civil rights, sports, neighborhoods, and social life and focus on the African American community.

Hairston, Otis L., Jr. Picturing Greensboro: Four Decades of African American Community.
Hairston’s second collection of photographs is arranged chronologically, covering the period from the 1970s to 2000, and includes written descriptions.

Mangum, William. Greensboro: Roots & Renaissance.
This commemorative book produced in celebration of Greensboro’s bicentennial includes paintings and text by William Mangum. If you’re looking for a beautiful book about Greensboro, this is it!

Redding, Sandra, ed. Greensboro: A Portrait of Progress.
Here are paintings by William Mangum, photographs by Mark Wagoner, and plenty of text about Greensboro’s past and present.