George Preddy

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George Preddy, a World War II flying ace, came from Greensboro. If you are interested in military history or want to know more about this local hero, here are some materials that you’ll want to see!

Noah, Joseph W., and Samuel L. Sox, Jr. George Preddy: Top Mustang Ace.
This is the second edition of Noah’s 1974 book entitled Wings God Gave My Soul. Changes from the first edition include the results of the 1978 study by the Office of Air Force History, which brought Preddy’s official score to 26.83 aerial victories. The appendix describing the markings of Preddy’s planes includes details not available in 1974. A number of black-and-white illustrations have also been added. The biography captures Preddy’s personality as well as describing his exploits.

Preddy the Mustang Ace - This is a 58-minute video.