Medical History

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Dr. Robert (Bob) Phillips spent many hours of his retirement years writing books about the medical history of Greensboro and Guilford County. His work provided invaluable information about local doctors, hospitals, and a variety of other topics. The list below includes the more general titles.

History of Integration of Medicine in Greensboro, North Carolina: Chronological Documentation: This book presents facts from the minutes of the Greensboro Academy of Medicine and the Guilford County Medical Society, as well as from the Transactions of the North Carolina State Medical Society, without editorial comments. It covers 1903 to 1975.

The History of Medicine in Greensboro, North Carolina During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: This three-volume work is a compilation of essays by people prominent in the health field.

History of the Hospitals in Greensboro, North Carolina: Here is information about Moses Cone, Wesley Long, Women’s Hospital, L. Richardson Hospital, the Polio Hospital, and many less-familiar hospitals from Greensboro’s past. Included are facilities such as Southeastern Eye Center, which you may not consider to be hospitals.

Medical Happenings in Greensboro from 1826 to 1904: Sources for this book include The Patriot and other early newspapers.

Medical Shoulders During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries in Greensboro, North Carolina: Here are biographical sketches of more than 800 doctors. Each one gives, not just basic facts, but a sense of the personality of the individual and some information about his/her personal life.

Visual Medical History of Greensboro: This book includes photographs as well as copies of articles from local newspapers.