National Register of Historic Places

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Many historic buildings and historic districts in Guilford County are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the United States’ official list of properties worth preserving. As part of the process of nominating a property for the Register, someone must complete a registration form describing the property’s historic value. This lists the name of the property, its location, its historic and current functions, the type of architecture, and the materials used in building it, followed by pages of text. This is a wonderful place to start in learning about the property.

We have the complete set of registration forms for Guilford County. These are in a file cabinet near the reference desk on the second floor of the Central Library at 219 N. Church St., and the staff at the desk will be happy to point them out to you.

Perhaps you aren’t sure of the name of the property that interests you. Since some historic properties are known by two or more names, the search for the form you want can be confusing. A cross-reference list, kept at the beginning of the file, will solve your problem by referring from one name of the property to another. Or maybe you want to read about all of the historic districts, or all of the churches, or all of the school buildings. The cross-reference list allows you to search by category as well as by the name of the historic place.