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O. Henry Letters

Henry, O., 1862-1910.
Letters, 1884.
8 items.

Short-story writer.

Two letters from O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) to North Carolina friends
while he was living on a ranch in La Salle County, Tex., enclosing six

pencil drawings of humorous incidents he had observed, with comments.


On the south side of a bush, Jany 6th 1884. W. S. Porter to "My Dear Friends".


Drawings and Poems:

Poem 1
 [inscribed on the reverse:]

“So back you wretch & scrape your feet”

A man named Jerry McBowen
Brought a thundering lot of snow in,
The house: But his wife
You can bet your sweet life;
Soon started him backward a goin’
Poem 2 
[inscribed on the reverse:]

Ye Merry Texan And
Ye Norther, Ye hoss
beinge Loste
Poem 3 
 [inscribed on the reverse:]


A boarder named Henry Q. Skinner
Could never get quite enough dinner
His landlady one day
Chased him far, far way—
As provisions got more and more thinner
Poem 4 
 [inscribed on the reverse:]

Orartion of Mark Antony –
Just my luck. Been a big fight.
If I had stayed at home and tended
to my business as town constable,
could have run 4 or 5 people in, and
made some 7 or 8 dollars. Been
tromping allover northern Italy and
aint sold but one charm. Had to
swap that for a dog. Seems as
old man Caesar’s had a run with
somebody. Wonder what ‘twas a-
-bout. Guess he’s been fuellin’
on some of them high toned air
of his in, and got licked.
I’ll go down to Marcus Au-
-relius O Hannegan’s saloon
and find out about it.
Come on Topsy!—
 Poem 5
 [inscribed on the reverse:]

Caesar – “Et tu, Brute!”—
Brutus, --“Throw up your hands, Fule”

 Poem 6
 [inscribed on the reverse:]

Leap Year
Arabella—I have nothing to offer
you Augustus but the living
devotion of a heart that is en-
tirely yours, but if you will only
be mine, I will care for you
and cherish you with ceasless
solicitude, your happiness will
be our, my only thought –
Aug— But when your Pa dies wont
You have—
Ara— Yes I will have seven little bro-
thers & sisters to suffer besides your
but didn’t your Aunt Maria leave
you $5,000 last fall when she died?
Aug.— No it was my cousin Gus, in
Ara— We can still be friends, can
We not, Augustus.
Aug. Oh Yes, friends, nothing more