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Addresses and Lectures – Clippings

Newspaper clippings on addresses and lectures by Charles Alphonso Smith (1914-23); Archibald Henderson (1939); Sara Lindsay Porter (1926); Thomas Dixon (1913); and Dr. W.P. Beall (1925).

Addresses and Lectures – Miscellaneous

The typed manuscript of Norman Hackett’s address on O. Henry, delivered ca. 1915.

Advertisements – Clippings

A short clipping in which Prof. A.F. Wilson claims that O. Henry’s "’A Municipal Report’ is the finest short story ever produced in America (nd)."

Advertisements – Correspondence

A letter (1963) concerning a WFMY advertisement that pictured an O. Henry exhibit (also see Advertisements – Printed).

Advertisements – Miscellaneous

A typed manuscript of some puffs for Dr. Smith’s biography (ca. 1916).

Advertisements – Printed

A WFMY ad (1963) (also see Advertisements – Correspondence); ads for an early set of O. Henry’s collected works (1912); the dust jacket for Whirligigs (ca. 1915); an ad for Gabriel Wells’ Memorial Ed. De Luxe of the complete works (ca. 1915); bookmarks (ca. 1925); Doubleday, Page & Co. ads and order blanks (ca. 1915); and the dust jacket for Rolling Stones (ca. 1915).

Ancestry – Clippings

Articles by Nellie Rowe Jones on O. Henry’s mother (1941) and grandmother (1939-40); Conrad Paysour’s on Summerfield’s Saunders’ Inn (where O. Henry’s grandfather stayed) (1985); William D. Snider on William Swaim (1963); Clifford Frazier on O. Henry’s Nantucket connections (1938); and an anonymous piece about the Daniel Worth home where O. Henry lived as a boy (1938).

Ancestry – Correspondence

Charles Alphonso Smith’s correspondence with Bettie Caldwell (1914), Fred H. Williams (1915), G. B. Bush (1915), Epaphroditus Peck (1916), Belle Swaim (1914), Eleanor M. Edwards (1916), A.W. McAlister (1914) and:

John Macy to Mrs. E. E. Moffitt - April 2, 1913
Mrs. E. E. Moffitt to C. Alphonso Smith - March 27, 1914
Mrs. E. E. Moffitt to C. Alphonso Smith - January 16, 1916

Ancestry – Miscellaneous

Typed manuscript of Nellie Rowe Jones’ article on Mary Virginia Swaim Porter, O. Henry’s mother (nd); and miscellaneous notes on O. Henry’s ancestry by Charles Alphonso Smith and others (ca. 1915).

Ancestry – Photos

Images includeO. Henry’s mother--Mary Swaim Porter (nd), grandmother (nd), father--Algernon Sidney Porter (nd), and his mother’s writing desk (nd).

Ancestry – Printed

Broadside on the history of the Greensboro press by Mary L. Swaim (1907); broadside of poem honoring Margaret A. Gott for care provided to Emma Swaim (1845); and a leaf from a book or periodical with the Porter family Bible record (nd).

Anniversaries – Clippings

The observance of O. Henry’s birth in 1916, 1922, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1951, 1962, 1968 (bulk on 1962); and the observance of O. Henry’s death (1925).

Anniversaries – Correspondence

Letter from Earl Weatherly to GPL on the 85th anniversary of O. Henry’s birth (1947).

Anniversaries – Printed

Three postal covers commemorating O. Henry’s 100th birthday (1962).


A copy of O. Henry's interview with the New York Times, 4 April 1909. A clipping of a 1922 reprint of O. Henry’s only autobiographical interview (1909) that originally appeared in the New York Times 4 April 1909.

Bibliography – Clippings

An article on the Paul S. Clarkson collection of O. Henryana (1957).

Bibliography – Miscellaneous

A list of O. Henryana at GPL (1984); and Charles Alphonso Smith’s notes on O. Henry bibliography (ca. 1915).

Bibliography – Printed

A list of O. Henry’s works/short stories (ca. 1915); works containing criticism and biographical information on O. Henry (ca. 1990); and a list of newspaper articles with biographical information on O. Henry (ca. 1975).

Biographical – Clippings

Dozens of clippings on all phases of O. Henry’s life, including articles by Archibald Henderson (1913-39), Ethel Stephens Arnett (1971), H.E.C. "Red Buck" Bryant (1908), Shirley W. Porter (1929), J.B. Hicklin (1934), Ruth Laughlin (1962) and Ida Briggs Henderson (1935); reviews of O. Henry biographies by Dale Kramer (1953-54), Gerald Langford (1957), Richard O’Conner (1970), Robert H. Davis and Arthur B. Maurice (1931), and Mary Harrell (1940-41); treatments of O. Henry’s prison life and Texas days (1923, 1970); reminiscences of O. Henry’s wife (1912); and Col. Robert Dalton’s story of how O. Henry got his pen name (1932).

Biographical – Correspondence

Charles Alphonso Smith’s correspondence with A.W. McAlister (1914), Mrs. M.J. Cooper (1915), Col. Robert Bingham (1915), S.R. McKee (1916), and Addie D.Van Noppen (1915). There is also a letter to Nellie Rowe Jones from E. Hudson Long, Vanderbilt University (1948).

Biographical – Miscellaneous

Typed manuscript of a review of a book on the young O. Henry by Lollie Cave Wilson (nd); a GHM publication called "Greensboro and O. Henry" (1959); a souvenir of the premiere of "O. Henry’s Full House" (film) (1952); a Greensboro Chamber of Commerce broadside of biographical notes titled "O. Henry Highlights" (nd); a typed manuscript, with hand corrections, by Charles Alphonso Smith entitled "O. Henry" (nd); and miscellaneous notes by Dr. Smith (ca. 1915).

Biographical – Photos

One photo of O. Henry (ca. 1910).

Biographical – Printed

Doubleday & Page pamphlet advertising O. Henry’s collected works with a brief biography by Peyton Steger (ca. 1915); an article by Hyder Rollins on O. Henry’s Texas days (1914); an Arthur W. Page article (1913); O. Henry in New York by Arthur B. Maurice (ca. 1915); pamphlet "O. Henry" by Arthur B. Maurice (1925); address at the dedication of the O. Henry memorial in Raleigh by Dr. Smith (1914); Chamber of Commerce publication, "The Mystery of O. Henry" (1947); Chamber of Commerce article, "O. Henry," by Ethel Stephens Arnett (ca. 1967); article, "The Women in O. Henry’s Life," by Jeanette Covert Nelson (nd); "O. Henry and Me," by Ethel Lloyd Patterson (nd); and a facsimile of The Rolling Stone, a newspaper edited by O. Henry (nd).

Boyhood – Clippings

Reminiscences of O. Henry by T.E. Idol (1946), Charles J. Brockman (1952), boyhood friend Tom Tate (1928), his brother Shirley (1941), A.W. McAlister (1936) and schoolmate Bettie Caldwell (1919); an article on his romance with Sallie Coleman (1925); and an article on the razing of his birth home (1928).

Boyhood – Correspondence

Charles Alphonso Smith’s correspondence with John H. Dillard (1915), Bettie Caldwell (1914), J.D. Smith (1915), Addie D. Van Noppen (1915), and A.W. McAlister (1914). Also, a letter from Carolina Coffin Thornton to Shirley W. Porter (1935).

Boyhood – Miscellaneous

Typed manuscripts of reminiscences by Thomas Tate (nd) and:
Shirley W. Porter, O. Henry's Drug Store Days and Days in Texas (nd).
Shirley W. Porter, Early Recollections of O. Henry (nd).

Boyhood – Photos

Postcards of Lina Porter’s schoolhouse (ca. 1940), a cabinet photo of a schoolhouse (possibly Lina Porter's school, ca. 1890), and a glossy reproduction of a schoolhouse photo (nd).

Boyhood – Printed

An article by Arthur W. Page (nd); and some articles about O. Henry in a Converse College publication (1911).

Christmas Stories – Clippings

Articles on "The Gift of the Magi," by Thad Stem (1973), Billy Rose (1954), and Ida Briggs Henderson (1934).

Christmas Stories – Printed

"Seasons Greetings" flyers with Christmas-related quotes (nd); "Stickney and the Necktie," an O. Henry short story and his "last unpublished story" (nd); and an E. Hudson Long article on O. Henry’s Christmas short stories (1939).


A brief chronology of O. Henry’s life, probably compiled by Dr. Smith (nd).


Clippings on the donation of the Charles Alphonso Smith papers to GPL (ca. 1926).

Criticism & Estimates – Clippings

Especially useful for early criticism. Includes articles by Hyder E. Rollins (1920), Edna Shelton (1937), Archibald Henderson (1911, 1927, nd), James Douglas (1917), Charles Alphonso Smith (1915-16, 1921), Colvin Leonard (1933), E.V. Lucas (1916), Robert Cortes Holliday (1919), Benjamin Sledd (1916), Stephen Leacock (1916), Katherine Fullerton Gerould (1916), John Barry (1915), Phil Clark (1961), Cathleen Pike (1955), and A.W. McAlister (1941).

Criticism & Estimates – Miscellaneous

Holograph notes by Charles Alphonso Smith (nd); a Harvard questionnaire which attempted to access O. Henry’s standing in various college English departments in the U.S. (1930); a letter to Dr. Smith from Reed Smith of the U. of South Carolina Dept. of English (1914); and a holograph manuscript, "O. Henry A Brief Estimate," by Archibald Henderson (ca. 1925).

Criticism & Estimates – Printed

Various criticism by Seth Moyle (1914), Archibald Henderson (1920), Eugene Current-Garcia (nd) and John Seymour Wood (1920); and a mimeographed collection of estimates of O. Henry published and distributed by GPL (nd).

Davis Biography

A few clippings on the Robert Davis and Arthur Maurice biography, The Life of O. Henry (1931).

Death & Funeral – Clippings

Accounts from the Greensboro Telegram (1910), Greensboro Daily Record (1925), New York Tribune (1910), New York Times Book Review (1923), Greensboro Daily Record (1910) and Atlanta Journal (1926); a reminiscence of the funeral by Mrs. S.V. Conyers (1951); and an account of the New York years immediately preceding his death by Clarence V. Cullen (1915).

Death & Funeral – Correspondence

Typed copy of letter/account of O. Henry’s funeral written by Walter Hines Page (1910).

Deed to Porter Property

Typed and handwritten copies of several Algernon Sidney Porter deeds (1838-49).

Dramatization – Clippings

On visit of actor Thomas Mitchell to Greensboro (1957); Norman Hackett, who adapted many of O. Henry’s short stories to the stage (1913); Thomas Dixon's reflections on the dramatization of "Alias Jimmy Valentine" (1913); Sally Ann Howes, who performed in "The Gift of the Magi" (1958); and a letter from Arthur Page on the selling of the motion picture rights to O. Henry stories (1914).

Dramatization – Correspondence

A letter from actor Norman Hackett to Dr. Smith (1914).

Dramatization – Photos

Three still photographs of Norman Hackett and his acting troupe presented to Charles Alphonso Smith (1913).

Dramatization – Printed

Flyers/brochures for "A Double Deceiver," performed by Norman Hackett (ca. 1915), and "Alias Jimmy Valentine," adapted for stage by Paul Armstrong (ca. 1915); souvenir for performance of the film, "O. Henry’s Full House" (1952); and an article by Alexander Woollcott on O. Henry as a playwright (1922).

Drawings – Clippings

Clippings with numerous drawings made by O. Henry, including those now in the possession of the GHM (1912-77).

Drawings – Correspondence

Letters from William S. Ball (1915) and James E. Boyd (1915) to Dr. C.A. Smith.

Drawings – Miscellaneous

A print of O. Henry’s drawing of Albion Tourgee (ca. 1880) and typed manuscript of article on O. Henry by H.E.C. "Red Buck" Bryant (1908).

Drugstore – Clippings

Articles on the Drug Store exhibit at the GHM (1947, 1951, 1954 and 1962); and miscellaneous articles on the Porter Drug Store (1922, 1926, 1942-43, 1952).

Drugstore – Printed

Esso Road News article on the Drug Store exhibit (1949); GHM flyer on the exhibit (nd); article by Louis Bragman on O. Henry’s "medical wisdom" (1924); small cut-out broadside (shaped as a mortar and pestle) with poem "O. Henry – Apothecary" by Christopher Morley (nd).


Includes a broadside for a 1912 edition of O. Henry’s works and a short list of O. Henry first editions (1922).

Festival, O. Henry (1985)

Numerous clippings and a schedule of O. Henry films (1985).


Several clippings on O. Henry’s grave (1938-47) – one of which is an article by James Larkin Pearson. Two of the clippings concern efforts to move O. Henry’s grave from Asheville to Greensboro (1945).

Greensboro in O. Henry's Writings

A couple clippings (1954, 1985).

Homes – Clippings

On the Polecat Creek birthplace (1969); the West Market St. home of the Porters, 1865-82 (1936-37); O. Henry’s "honeymoon house" in Texas (1956); and an 1874 clipping on the Porter house.

Homes – Correspondence

Typed letter to Earley Bridges from H.V. Hofer (1963); and a letter to Nellie Rowe from Logan Swaim (1941).

Homes – Miscellaneous

Typed transcript of 1874 clipping on the Porter house; map showing location of the Porter home on West Market St., drawn by Shirley W. Porter (no date); typed list of the owners of the Porter property (ca. 1915).

Homes – Photos

The Austin, Texas, house (1963); Polecat Creek home (1963); the West Market home (1937); and the San Antonio, Texas, house (1946).

Homes – Printed

Drawing of the Porter property on West Market St. by Emma Foust Griffin (1938).

Hotel, O. Henry – Clippings

A few articles on the opening of the O. Henry Hotel (1919).

Hotel, O. Henry – Miscellaneous

Typed dedication for the O. Henry Hotel, given by Dr. Charles Alphonso Smith, July 2, 1919.

Hotel, O.Henry – Printed

Folded brochure for the O. Henry Hotel (ca. 1920); menu for the stockholders banquet at the dedication (1919); and an invitation to the formal opening of the hotel (1919).

Illustrations – Clippings

An illustration from O. Henry’s "The Gentle Grafter" (nd).

Illustrations – Printed

Illustrated version of "The Gift of the Magi" (Philip Guston, artist) extracted from Art News magazine (nd).

Jennings, Al

Several clippings on O. Henry’s outlaw friend (1915-61).

Letters – Clippings

A few articles on O. Henry letters, including the purchase of O. Henry holographs by GPL (1985).

Letters – Correspondence

Typed transcripts of three O. Henry letters – two to his daughter Margaret (nd), another to a Mr. Roach (1898).

Library Inquiries

Various inquiries from researchers about GPL’s O. Henry papers (1955-75).


Two clippings about the O. Henry marker on West Market St., site of the Porter home, 1865-82.


Various clippings (1923-69).

Memorials – Clippings

Raleigh bronze tablet designed by Lorada Taft (1914-16); memorial fund supported by Archibald Henderson (nd); memorial observances at O. Henry’s grave in Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC (1922); marker for the Porter home in Greensboro (1922, 1924); dedication of statue in Greensboro (1972); Greensboro memorial fund (1916); O. Henry portrait unveiling (1939); opening of O. Henry memorial room at GHM (1947); gift of Charles Alphonso Smith papers to GPL (1926); unveiling of plaque for the location of Clark Porter's drug store (1957); opening of O. Henry Boulevard (1957); failure of postal service to issue an O. Henry stamp (1962); Soviet stamp (1962); O. Henry Week (1952); article on Karl Prickett's acquisition of O. Henryana for the GHM (1954); presentation of O. Henry's Austin, TX, home as a memorial (1934); and the unveiling of the O. Henry memorial at the Southern Life Center Plaza (1985).

Memorials – Correspondence

Letters from Mrs. Charles Alphonso Smith to E.P. Wharton presenting her husband's O. Henry papers to GPL (1925); A. Earl Weatherly to Nellie Rowe Jones on O. Henry exhibits and artifacts (1947); Clarence S. McClellan to the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce on the O. Henry memorial in Fletcher, NC (1927); Della Wright to Nellie Rowe Jones on the O. Henry memorial in Austin, TX (ca. 1940); Archibald Henderson to Bettie Caldwell on a proposed O. Henry memorial (1913); and a thank you letter from Hudson Long of Waco, TX, to Nellie Rowe Jones (1930).

Memorials – Miscellaneous

Transcripts of a presentation on O. Henry and Lunsford Richardson by Walter Clinton Jackson (1947); and a dedication for the O. Henry Hotel by Charles Alphonso Smith (1919).

Memorials – Printed

Invitation to the dedication of the O. Henry memorial in Raleigh (1914); Archibald Henderson's visiting card (nd); pamphlet on a proposed O. Henry memorial (1913); program for the Raleigh memorial (1914); program for an O. Henry portrait unveiling (1939); brochure for GHM (1962); pamphlet, "A Search for O. Henry," about Karl Prickett's acquisition of the Robert H. Davis Collection of O. Henry letters (1971); chamber pamphlet with information on O. Henry exhibits and artifacts (1947); and an invitation for unveiling an O. Henry portrait (1939).

Miscellaneous – Clippings

Articles related to incorrect punctuation in the name O. Henry (1947); efforts to obtain a pardon for O. Henry from President Eisenhower (1960); denial by one of the Dalton gang that O. Henry was a murderer (1932-33); on O. Henry’s New York years (1910); discovery of an O. Henry/William Sidney Porter file in Texas (1936); a book by O. Henry’s "ghost" (1918); exhibition of O. Henry’s cradle and chair at GPL (1925); and the story of a Negro who worked with O. Henry (1949).

Miscellaneous – Correspondence

Letters from Bhinna (?) Sturtevant to GPL (1950); and a note from Dr. Smith to Nellie Rowe Jones (1923).

Miscellaneous – Miscellaneous

Copy of an O. Henry letter (1884?); an unattributed typed manuscript of a lecture on O. Henry (ca. 1926); and a holograph manuscript on O. Henry’s grandparents by Earley Bridges (nd).

Miscellaneous – Photos

O. Henry with his wife and daughter in Texas (ca. 1895); O. Henry’s uncle, Clark Porter (ca. 1890); O. Henry’s mother (?) (nd); and Lillian Weatherly or Ms. A.P. Noel (ca. 1900).

Miscellaneous – Printed

Christmas card with a quote from O. Henry (nd); an O. Henry bookmark (nd); a flyer advertising the collected works of O. Henry (nd); pamphlet (?), "The Story of Briar Brae Lodge" (nd); flyers advertising the O. Henry Copy Shoppe, Inc. (nd); pamphlet entitled "O. Henry Papers," published by Doubleday, Page & Co. (nd); pamphlet (?), "O. Henry Lived Here," by Earley W. Bridges (1962); pamphlet (?), "A Search for O. Henry," by Burke Davis (1971); the "O. Henry Number" of Homespun (1925); offprint of Charles Alphonso Smith’s biography of O. Henry in Library of Southern Literature (nd); The O. Henry Magazine (1937-38); special O. Henry number of The Mentor (date?); script of "Jimmy Valentine’s Second Chance" (1976); souvenir of "O. Henry’s Full House" (1952); Peyton Steger’s pamphlet, "O. Henry: Who He Is and How He Works" (nd); O. Henry number of The Book News (date?); copies of Redbook magazine with a newly discovered story by O. Henry, "Brinkley’s Practical School of Journalism," a biographical piece by O. Henry’s wife, Sara Lindsay Coleman, and the story, "Jack the Giant-Killer," by O. Henry (1937); pamphlet (?), "A Proposed Memorial to O. Henry," (ca. 1915); program for the memorial in Raleigh (1914); and two dust jackets for editions of The Best Short Stories of O. Henry (nd).

Moving Pictures – Clippings

Numerous clippings on the world premiere of "The O. Henry Story" and "O. Henry’s Full House" (1952).

Moving Pictures – Printed

Souvenir of "O. Henry’s Full House" premiere (1952); and from The 1952-53: 20th Century-Fox Feature Product Story, "Big 5: O. Henry’s Full House" (1952).


Clipping about O. Henry’s involvement in an orchestra (late 1880s) that serenaded young ladies at Greensboro College (nd).

New Orleans

Two letters from J.W. Morgan (?) to Charles Alphonso Smith (1915); article about O. Henry and New Orleans (1914); and a letter form H.K. Strickland to Dr. Smith (1915).

New York

Various clippings on O. Henry and New York (1911-85).

North Carolina & O. Henry

Two clippings (1915-57).


Miscellaneous notes compiled by Dr. Smith (ca. 1915).

O. Henry Myth

Clipping on O. Henry’s life in a New York City apartment (nd).

Page, Walter Hines

Clipping (?) on the exhibition of Walter H. Page letters at GPL (nd).


Postcards of O. Henry tablet in Raleigh (ca. 1940); Porter and Tate Drug Store (ca. 1940); O. Henry’s (Miss Lina Porter’s) schoolhouse (ca. 1940); O. Henry’s "birthplace" in Greensboro (ca. 1940); the home of O. Henry in Austin, TX (ca. 1940, 1960); and O. Henry’s home in San Antonio (ca. 1960). Various snapshots of "the girl Will married" (ca. 1910); Kenneth Vanstory Porter (ca. 1920); O. Henry's home in Austin, TX (ca. 1930); O. Henry's marker at Riverside Cemetery, Asheville (ca. 1930); Abiah Swain's gravestone (wife of Lyndon Swain) (ca. 1930); Shirley W. Porter, O. Henry's brother (ca. 1940); and the Austin, TX, home (1964?). Additional photographs include Mrs. Will Porter (O. Henry's wife) with Margaret Worth Porter (ca. 1900); Athol Estes Porter (no date); O. Henry's mother, Margaret Swain Porter (ca. 1860); the unveiling of the marker placed at the site of O. Henry's birth (ca. 1925); O. Henry's home in New York City (ca. 1915); O. Henry's father, Algernon Sidney Porter (ca. 1875); O. Henry’s drawing of a drug store scene (ca. 1880); O. Henry's sketch of Pilot Mountain (1879); O. Henry’s house in San Antonio, TX (1946); Mary Swain’s writing desk (nd); O. Henry’s aunt, Miss Lina Porter (nd); a group of men standing in front of the Porter & Tate Drug Store (ca. 1880); O. Henry’s chair and cradle (no date); a portrait of O. Henry, by Vanden Wyde of New York (ca. 1905-10); a family portrait of O. Henry, Margaret Worth Porter, Athol Estes Porter and Mrs. J.A. Roach (no date); and a group portrait of men including Shirley Worth Porter (ca. 1915). This folder also includes lithographs of O. Henry and Charles Alphonso Smith (ca. 1910); a signed photo of Archibald Henderson (nd); and a few negatives (nd).

Poetry, About & By – Clippings

Numerous clippings with poems including: "O. Henry: In Memoriam," by Elias Lieberman (1914); "O. Henry’s Last Poem" (1913); "To O. Henry," by Lucy M. Cobb (1922); "O. Henry," by Ernest L. Bolling (nd); "O. Henry," by Mrs. W.S. Ball (1916); "O. Henry – Apothecary," by Christopher Morley (1917); "The Knight in Disguise," by Nicholas V. Lindsay (1912); and "O. Henry," by James Whitcomb Riley (nd). Also, an article (dated Jan. 14, 1962) about O. Henry's 1879 poem on camping is featured.

Poetry, About & By – Correspondence

Consists of a handwritten copy of O. Henry’s last poem, "The Crucible," copied by Virginia Pierce (?), and sent from her to Arthur Page (nd).

Poetry, About & By – Miscellaneous

Holographic and typed transcriptions of "O. Henry – Apothecary" (nd); "A psalm . . . the Politician is my shepherd . . . ." by Mollie Porter (nd); typed transcript of "The Crucible" (1920); poem, "O. Henry," by Charlotte Eaton (ca. 1923); typed transcript of "O. Henry," by Christopher Morley (1915); "White Mule," copied by Shirley W. Porter (nd); and Dr. Smith’s notes on O. Henry’s poetry (nd).

Poetry, About & By – Printed

A broadside shaped like a mortar and pestle with the poem, "O. Henry – Apothecary," on it (nd).

Porter, Miss Lina (aunt) – Clippings

These clippings include reminiscences of some of "Miss Lina’s" pupils (1962); and articles by Ethel Stephens Arnett (1963), A.W. McAllister (1942), and Mrs. Charles Van Noppen (1956).

Porter, Miss Lina – Correspondence

Letter from John H. Dillard (former student of Lina Porter) to Bettie Caldwell (no date).

Porter, Miss Lina – Miscellaneous

Typed transcripts of a newspaper article (1925) and reminiscences of Clem G. Wright, Dr. Beall and Bettie D. Caldwell (no date).

Porter, Margaret (daughter) – Clippings

Includes death from tuberculosis shortly after marriage to A.J. Sartain (1927); first marriage to cartoonist Arthur E. Cesare (1916); death of Cesare (1948); Margaret Porter’s writing career (1913-14); and a letter critical of the Smith biography, especially the handling of the prison years (1916).

Porter, Margaret – Correspondence

A Margaret Porter letter to Dr. Smith about meeting with Al Jennings (1914); typed transcripts of letters from Charles Alphonso Smith and Margaret Porter to Doubleday & Page, and from Doubleday & Page to Margaret Porter, over the "prison years" controversy (1916); a typed letter signed from S.A. Everett of Doubleday to Charles Alphonso Smith (1916); and a typed transcript of a telegram from Margaret Porter to Doubleday attempting to suppress the biography (1916).

Porter, Margaret – Photos

A group photo of the unveiling of the marker for O. Henry’s birthplace (ca. 1925).

Porter, Sara Coleman (wife)

Clipping announcing her marriage to O. Henry (1907); letter written by Ms. Porter (1912); excerpts from her book, Wind of Destiny (1916); clippings of interviews (1929, 1932, 1934-35, 1938, 1941, 1952, 1959); death (1959); clippings on her writings (1914, 1932); and the burning of her residence in Weaverville, NC (1933).

Porter, Shirley (brother) – Clippings

Includes a State magazine interview (1934); a defense of his father (1933); and a clipping announcing his death (1945).

Porter, Shirley – Correspondence

Tls to Nellie Rowe Jones (1941).

Porter, Shirley – Miscellaneous

Includes a manuscript on his grandparents, a defense of his father, Algernon Sidney Porter, and other reminiscences (nd); also some stories (nd).

O. Henry's Grandparents
O. Henry
A Wobbly Courtship

Portraits – Clippings

This group includes the unveiling of the portrait at GPL (1939); Archibald Henderson’s address at the unveiling of the portrait (1939); exhibition of a restored portrait of O. Henry at GHM (1967); and miscellaneous clippings of O. Henry photos, drawings, etc.

Portraits – Printed

Includes a steel engraving with facsimile signature (ca. 1910); and a program for the unveiling of the portrait at GPL (1939).

Prison Life

An article with excerpts from Charles Alphonso Smith’s account of O. Henry’s arrest and conviction for embezzlement (1916); and a typed transcript of a letter O. Henry wrote to his mother-in-law following his conviction (no date).

Programs – Clippings

Several clippings on programs associated with O. Henry (1915-16).

Programs – Correspondence

Two letters from Ella B. Crane to Nellie Rowe (1924); and a tls from Charles Alphonso Smith to Nella Braddy (1918).

Programs – Miscellaneous

Typed transcript for Women’s Club Program about O. Henry (ca. 1925).

Programs – Printed

Pamphlet, "Studies in Southern Literature: A Program for Women’s Clubs" (1922); and program for "O. Henry Program" (1925).

Pseudonym – Clippings

Various clippings (1919-62, nd).

Pseudonym – Correspondence

Typed Letter from Irene Hester to Becky Hester (1951).

Pseudonym – Miscellaneous

Typed manuscript of the Shirley Porter account of the pen name’s origin (no date); and typed manuscript of Charles Alphonso Smith’s explanation for the pen name (Ossian Henry, the French chemist, theory) (1918).

Pseudonym – Printed

Flyer with Rep. Wright Patman’s remarks on the origins of the pseudonym (nd).

Quotations from O. Henry

Various O. Henry quotations selected by Dr. Smith (ca. 1915).

Rare Books/Manuscripts

Correspondence between Irene Hester and F.N. Wardell of New Zealand (1955); an auction catalog for Henzel Galleries which includes a number of O. Henry manuscripts (1973); pamphlet, "A Search for O. Henry," on Karl Prickett’s acquisition of O. Henry letters for GHM (1971); GPL correspondence with Tom Joyce who purchased an O. Henry letter for GPL at the Henzel sale (1973); GPL correspondence with George Robert Minkoff with respect to an O. Henry letter (1979); and GPL correspondence with Richard E. Aaron on the purchase of O. Henry juvenilia (writings and drawings) and a few other O. Henry holographs (1977).

Religion – Clippings

A story of Earley Bridges on Shirley Porter’s diary and O. Henry’s religious beliefs (1947).

Religion – Miscellaneous

Typescript of material from Shirley Porter’s diary (nd).

Sale of Books – Clippings

Miscellaneous clippings (1916-20).

Sale of Books – Correspondence

Includes a letter from Russell Doubleday to Charles Alphonso Smith on the total number of volumes of O. Henry’s works sold to date (1920); and a note on Smith biographies sold to date from A.S. Brandt (?) (1916).


An O. Henry scrapbook, almost exclusively clippings on the funeral, pen name, etc. (1908-23).

Smith Biography -- Clippings

Chiefly reviews of and work forthcoming announcements for the Smith biography (1914-22).

Smith Biography – Correspondence

These letters to Dr. Smith include an inquiry about O. Henry biographical material from J. Christian Bay (1916); and correspondence from R.H. Davis on an address by Dr. Smith (1915).

Smith Biography – Miscellaneous

Chiefly typed excerpts from reviews of Dr. Smith’s biography (ca. 1916).

Smith Biography – Printed

Broadside announcing Dr. Smith’s forthcoming biography (1916); reviews by Edwin Mims (1917), John Beaty (nd), Archibald Henderson (1917) and George Summey Jr. (1917); and a leaflet advertising Dr. Smith’s biography (nd).

Smith, Dr. C. Alphonso

Clipping on a lecture by Dr. Smith (1923); and a biographical sketch of Dr. Smith from the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography (1994).

South American Days

Correspondence from Dr. B.E. Washburn (1915), Herbert C. Hengstler (1916), W.A. Graham Clark (1915), John Ewing (1915), W.E. Alger (1916) and Sheppard G. Schermerhorn (1916) regarding O. Henry in Honduras and his influence in South America.

Steger, Harry Peyton

Two clippings related to Steger and his early research on O. Henry (1912-13).

Stories – Clippings

Chiefly reprints of O. Henry’s stories (1913-56), but also includes articles on the discovery of a holograph manuscript of an O. Henry short story in Memphis (1959) and some recently discovered O. Henry stories (1939).

Stories – Greensboro

Includes a brief typed manuscript by E.P. Holmes which argues that a story O. Henry set in Nashville, TN, was actually inspired by Greensboro.

Stories – Miscellaneous

Mainly Dr. Smith’s notes on O. Henry’s stories (ca. 1915). Also includes a chronological list of O. Henry’s stories compiled by Dr. Smith (ca. 1915), and a photocopy of an O. Henry holograph, his short story "The Charity that Ended at Home" (1908).

Stories – Printed

Offprint of "A Decomposition of Cabbages and Kings," by O. Henry bibliographer Paul S. Clarkson (1935); some appearances of O. Henry in periodicals, including the first (or an early) appearance of "A Fog in Santone" (nd); and a broadside reprint of "After Twenty Years" (nd).

Television Series

Clippings on the O. Henry Playhouse with Thomas Mitchell starring as O. Henry (1956-57).

Tourgee, Albion W.

Two letters from James T. Morehead, chiefly on Albion Tourgee (1915-16); and Dr. Smith’s notes on Tourgee and Reconstruction (ca. 1915).

Translations – Clippings

Relating to translating O. Henry into Chinese, Russian and German (1904-53).

Translations – Correspondence

Letters on French translations to Dr. Smith from Theodore Stanton (1915) and Eleanor S. Thackara (?) (1916); and a letter from Clark Darby of Doubleday to Nellie Rowe Jones about translations into other languages (1946).

Translations – Miscellaneous

Dr. Smith’s notes (ca. 1915); and a typed transcription from Library Journal concerning interest in O. Henry’s Russia (1945).


A clipping concerning O. Henry’s trial and conviction on embezzlement in Texas (1952).

Valentine, Jimmy

Valentine’s obituary (1945).