Storytime is a fantastic way to nurture a love of reading and to cultivate important pre-reading skills in your child.  Enjoy as the Librarian brings books to life in a safe, non-judgmental place where your child can be entertained, while also being herself or himself.  Storytimes are offered at all Greensboro Public Libraries throughout the week at various times, find one that works with your family’s schedule and come on over. Let’s grow and learn together. 

All Abilities Welcome

Children of all abilities are welcomed at our library programs.  Do you have questions or need assistance in making any program more accessible to your child? If so, please contact the youth services librarian at the branch library presenting the program. In addition, the Greensboro Public Library offers programs specifically for children with special needs. These are designed to be fun events that encourage all families to take advantage of the library’s resources.

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Greensboro Library On the Weekend!

Find it hard to make it to the library during your busy weekday? Check out our new storytimes and family events happening at each branch on the weekend. 


Events For the Whole Family

From crafts and creations to experiments and beyond, check out all that Greensboro Public Library has for your family in our current events calendar

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