ESOL for Kids and Teens

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ESOL for Kids and Teens

Hacer Libros:  El cuento de como mi familia vino a los Estados Unidos.
Making Books: The story of how my family came to the United States.

This year’s summer program was held at Reedy Fork Elementary School in conjunction with the “Gear Up Summer” program. There were also equivalent programs at the Hemphill Branch and the Central Library.

Students, using traditional techniques, made paper out of cotton pulp, did watercolor marbling for the cover decoration and sewed the books together using a Japanese bookbinding technique. Their paper consisted of rags with no additives and was acid free. Students learned that watercolor marbling and its variations began as “ebru” in ancient Turkey and that classic patterns are hundreds of years old. The sewn Japanese binding technique they learned is a simple classic elegant structure that does not distract from their original artwork.

Students made two books, one of which they got to keep. In the second book, most students wrote their family story. Some wrote about their favorite pets and others wrote about their interests.

The books will become part of the library’s children’s collection so others may enjoy their stories.

Telling one's story is an important part of life. Participants in these ongoing workshops are authors just as much as any in the Greensboro Public Library’s collection of books. By learning about their own circumstances and sharing their stories, participants have a special sense of ownership in the collection at Greensboro Public Library.