Job Interview Checklist

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_____ I can list five things about myself that make me a good candidate for this job.

_____ I can discuss in detail each item on my resumé or job application.

_____ I can discuss the skills or experiences that qualify me for this job.

_____ I have the training or education that qualifies me for this job.

_____ I have hobbies or activities that might help me qualify for this job.

_____ I can write down my employment history with accurate names, addresses, and dates for
each job (if applicable).

_____ If I am asked for personal references, I have the names and telephone numbers of three
individuals who have agreed to be my references.

_____ I have documents needed for the interview, such as social security card or driver's license.

_____ I am dressed properly for the job I am applying for.

_____ I have directions and have made transportation arrangements so I can get to the interview
on time.

_____ I have prepared some questions to ask the interviewer.

Source: The Jobseeker, Helping NY Work.