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Premium resources and selected Web links to help you invest wisely. A Greensboro Public Library card is needed to access databases remotely.

Investment Databases

Stock and mutual fund analysis made available in an easy to use format.

This is a national business database that allows customized searching for location, business type, size, and revenue volume. This resource is a premier business research tool for business to business leads, marketing, and business planning.

An investment tool for researching stock information on a company or looking for the overall climate within a given industry.

Web Links

American Association of Individual Investors
Investing basics, financial planning, stocks, mutual funds and portfolio management.

Better Investing
Like the popular magazine, "Better Investing," this website is sponsored by the National Association of Investors Corporation, a nonprofit group that provides high-quality investment education. Learn how to invest as an individual or how to form an investment club.

If you prefer a more visual depiction of your investment's performance, BigCharts offers charts, quotes and research on more than 24,000 stocks, mutual funds and indexes.