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Microfilm holdings at the Greensboro Public Library for Forsyth County.

Reel #



C.038.10001-10002 Bonds, Apprentice 1875-1920
C.038.10003-10004 Bonds, Bastardy 1874-1927
C.038.10005 Bonds, Apprentice 1850-1868
C.038.30001-30002 Minutes, Court of Pleas & Quarter 1849-1868
C.038.30003 Equity Minute Docket 1849-1868
C.038.30004 Minutes, Superior Court 1849-1873
C.038.40001-40007 Record of Deed 1849-1880
C.038.48351-48355 Index to Real Estate Conveyances—Grantors 1849-1927
C.038.48701-48706 Index to Real Estate Conveyances-- Grantees 1849-1927
C.038.50001 Accounts, Record of 1868-1882
C.038.50064 Assignments, Record of 1868-1898
C.038.50067 Bonds, Guardians 1875-1903
C.038.50078 Index to Admin. & Exec. 1849-1955
C.038.50094-50095 Inventories to Estates 1849-1968
C.038.50101 Settlements, Record of 1868-1893
C.038.60001-60003 Marriage Bonds 1849-1869
C.038.61001 Cohabitation, Record of 1820-1966
C.038.62079 Index to Marriage Licenses 1849-1894
C.038.80001-80002 Wills, Record of 1842-1905
C.038.81001 Index to Wills- Devisors 1849-1969
C.038.82001-82002 Index to Wills- Devisees 1849-1969
C.038.90049 Militia Record 1831-1861